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The website of AsiaCCS 2020 has been closed.

For Visitors who are looking forward to ISPEC 2022

We are sorry to inform you that due to the Google's indexing method
It mislabled the virtual host to ASIACCS2020
Currently, we are doing our best to correct the search result

You may click the following link

Or you may stay on the page, and we will redirect you to it.

For Visitors who are looking for ASIACCS 2020

Due to limited computing resources, we have to close the AsiaCCS 2020's site two years after the conference
If you are looking for information about the conference, you may find the followings useful

AsiaCCS 2020 on Wayback Machine

AsiaCCS 2020 on ACM Digital Library

1 (203) 7, Southern New England Telephone

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