Dialing Instructions for Home Phone or Payphone

A local phone number consists of 6 to 8 digits.

No prefix or access number for extended area service.
Local calling area is the whole county of where you stay. Except for some special cases:
Taoyuan and Hsinchu, Chia-yi and Tainan are regarded as the same local calling area.

The prefix for DDD(Direct Distance Dialing): 0

If you would like to dial a long distance call:
0 + Area Code + Phone Number

Whether you are dialing through home phone, payphone or cellular phone to a distance cellular phone requires dialing the complete phone number (including area code) or vice versa.

The prefix for IDDD (International Direct Distance Dialing): 002
(No difference between network operators)

If you would like to dial an international call:
002 + Country Code + Complete Phone Number

If you are using an international calling card, please follow the calling instruction on the card.

  • Directory Assistance: 106
  • Operator-Assisted International Call: 100
  • Operator-Assisted Long Distance Call: 108



Emergency Assistance - 112

Cellular Only
If your network is out of reach.

Prepaid SIM Card for Traveler

You can obtain prepaid SIM Card for Traveler at Airport Terminal.

But before you obtain the service, please be sure to check whether your phone supports the band used by the network you are going to use.

Chunghwa Telecom

W-CDMA: Band 1(In most cases)/8
FDD-LTE: Band 1/3(In most cases)/7/8
TDD-NR: Band 78 / 257

FarEastern Telecom

W-CDMA: Band 1
FDD-LTE: Band 1/3(In most cases)/7/28
TDD-LTE: Band 41
TDD-NR: Band 78 / 257

Taiwan Mobile

W-CDMA: Band 1
FDD-LTE: Band 1/3/28(In most cases)
TDD-NR: Band 78 / 257

T-Star Telecom

W-CDMA: Band 1
FDD-LTE: Band 1/7/8(In most cases)
TDD-NR: Band 78

Asia Pacific Telecom

GSM: Band 8
FDD-LTE: Band 8/28 (In most cases)
TDD-LTE: Band 38
TDD-NR: Band 257